terça-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2010

This Christmas: Donate to those who suffer!

I have a friend. A friend who's beautiful, fantastic, nice, has an outstandig voice, friend to her friends and she's very ill. She needs one of you to be her bone marrow donor!

To kwow how to became a bone marrow donor, talk to your doctor, he'll tell you what to do.

I can't help because I don't fit the eligibility requirements... so, this Christmas, I appeal to all those who come thru here, take this appeal to your blogs, mail it to your contacts along with your happy hollidays wishes, spread to the four winds, tell your sons, husbands and grandkinds, became a bone marrow donor, this Christmas: donate to those who suffer!

Thank you,

a friend

ps-translate to other languages you might know, please.

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Scott Keatley disse...

If you cannot donate your marrow. Donate to Nourishing NYC, we do great things with your dollar.